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On Friday, May 13th, Biology students from the first year of upper secondary school attended a scientific documentary marathon at the Science Park after having been selected alongside other schools from all over Andalusia (Huelva, Seville, Cádiz, Jaén, etc..).  They presented a video on a project about reintroducing the barn owl to the area called “Educando con Garra” (Educating with Claws/Enthusiasm) and.. our students ended up being the winners of this marathon thanks to this project! What’s more, both “Educando con Garra” and the project “CIG: Un colegio BIOpermeable” (CIG: a BIOpermeable school) were displayed at stands on Saturday May 14th at the Science Fair, which was also organised by the Science Park.  Hundreds of people were able to get up-close to learn about our efforts to increase biodiversity in our immediate surroundings through these projects.  These were two very intense but wonderful days, full of experiences and hard work which all translate into a strengthened commitment to nature. 

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