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Since September 1st, teachers, cleaning personnel, kitchen crew and maintenance staff have been preparing classes and different spaces at the school in preparation for our students’ arrival.  We have also been involved in training sessions, putting the final touches on projects which have been enthusiastically prepared, organizing books, and preparing to welcome our Primary students so that they have a warm reception and the best adaptation possible.

During these first few days, everything is prepared so that we are able to hug all of our peers and teachers once again,  get used to school routines and norms, hand out material, decorate classrooms, review the COVID protocol, share our summer adventure stories… and much more so that when the official school year begins, students and teachers alike are prepared to work in the most comfortable, happy, organized and relaxing way possible.

We can’t forget the informative meetings with families or all of the organization for the Conservatory!

Welcome to the 2021/2022 school year!


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