Frequently asked questions about CIG
- how can i contact cig?

You can contact Colegio Internacional de Granada by phone at 958 462 806, by e-mail at info@colegioig.com or coming to visit us at the school.

- what educative stages are taught at cig?

In a commitment towards an education of quality, the school has started from the initial stage of Primary Education. In order to offer continuity, the project grows with our students reaching Secondary Education and Bachillerato, as well as it completes the lower end adding Infant Education.

- how can i enrol my child at cig?

A pre-enrolment form and steps to follow to enrol at CIG are available at the Admission section.

CIG: Colegio Internacional de Granada

What’s new?

Actividades Extraescolares

New School Year 16/17

...new students in many of the classes (we are getting to be nearly 200!), new teachers who are full of excitement to unite with our magnificent "verteran teachers", new areas in the classes so that our students are given the space to begin learning in the best environment possible. There are also more staff in the office, as well as the canteen and cleaning department at the school.  All these changes are made in order to perfect the necessities of the school.  Threre are more hours for Physical Education for all of the courses: students are now able to enjoy four classes per week with 70 minutues each (and this can be said for very few schools in Spain!).  We have incorporated teaching curriculum for the "Elemental Conservatory of Music" right into our full primary curriculum.  We will start by forming choirs and a school band.  We also have opened our secondary school´s laboratory for all students to be able to enjoy physics, chemistry and the natural sciences. 

Last but not least, we would like to coment that our school has united with the prestigious Erasmus World 2016-2018.   Throughout this time period we are going to collaborate with schools in Germany, Denmark, and Estonia, working to reduce our impact on the environment here at the school.  In this thrilling project, students will play the main role, accompanied by their teachers, parents, and other partners at the European level.  

...and so much more that awaits us for this new school year!  Everyone who is accompanying their sons and daughters at this school is returning from their holidays with a lot of excitement, looking forward to working hard, enjoying each activity to the maximum and demonstrating, one more time, that at CIG we are specialized in people!

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