Frequently asked questions about CIG
- how can i contact cig?

You can contact Colegio Internacional de Granada by phone at 958 462 806, by e-mail at info@colegioig.com or coming to visit us at the school.

- what educative stages are taught at cig?

In a commitment towards an education of quality, the school has started from the initial stage of Primary Education. In order to offer continuity, the project grows with our students reaching Secondary Education and Bachillerato, as well as it completes the lower end adding Infant Education.

- how can i enrol my child at cig?

A pre-enrolment form and steps to follow to enrol at CIG are available at the Admission section.

CIG: Colegio Internacional de Granada

Educational stages

The pre-primary educational stage (0-6 years) is currently taught at PANDA kindergarten school. Both institutions (Panda and Colegio Internacional de Granada) work within a common educational framework that supports standards such as ENGLISH, MUSIC, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, ART, NEW TECHNOLOGIES and ETHICAL VALUES. The primary education is taught at Colegio Internacional de Granada


Etapas Educativas: Infantil

Pre-school education is taught at our ESCUELA INFANTIL PANDA which caters for children aged 0-6.

From the earliest age, children have programmed activities which are designed to maximize their abilities in accordance with the objectives set by current legislation. In addition, every day great importance is given to English, Music and Physical Education… all within a stimulating and inspiring environment which makes it unique.

As a child grows, these objectives are reinforced and achieved by:

Teaching classes in Spanish and English which facilitates the natural development of the language.

Musical activities which help to develop sensory, emotive and psychological skills. The active introduction of musical concepts (metric, rhythmic, dynamic, melodic, etc) through songs, movement and rhythmical games. Songs are one of the fundamental parts of musical education and are used to play, paint, dance, etc.

To stimulate motor skills, we believe that children essentially use movement as a means of discovering and exploring the world around them. By nurturing and encouraging their mobility and movement, we can improve their ability to acquire and develop new knowledge and, at the same time, enrich other dimensions of their personality.

A highly qualified, international teaching staff develop these diverse activities and carefully keep track of students’ development and personal growth in order to be able to identify and solve any problems which may arise, thereby avoiding any further complications and possible effects on their self-esteem or cognitive development. This is all coordinated and supervised by our psychopedagogic mentors, who also help families who need their support.

From these early stages we introduce the use of different technological tools to bring children closer to audiovisual language, enabling students to develop expertise in information technology.

The reputation of Escuela Infantil PANDA is backed by more than 25 years of professional experience and by the confidence and belief that hundreds of families place in it year after year. This has made it prestigious in pre-school education in Granada. www.centropanda.com

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